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Seiling Town Offices - Seiling OK
Gore's Travel Plaza
Gore's 66 Station - Seiling OK
First National Bank of Seiling
Renewable Energy & Revenue - Seiling
Seiling Fire Department
Seiling Municipal Hospital
Gore Nitrogen Headquarters
Ranching drives Local Incomes
Jiffy Trip Station -  Seiling OK
The Hill's Cafe -  Seiling, OK
Senior Citizens Center - Seiling OK
Wheat Field Outside Seiling, OK
Seiling Supply Hardware Store
Seiling Public Schools -  Seiling OK
Seiling Nursing Home - Seiling, OK
Seiling - Crossroads of NW Oklahoma
Wheeler Brothers Grainery - Seiling
Oilfield Work Brings Jobs & Traffic



  • Lobby is now open to the public.

  • Drive through is open


  • Pay bills in lobby, online or through drive-through

  • Repair service is back to normal


  • Court has resumed on the last Wed of each month. Call court clerk for instructions.

Crossroads of Northwest Oklahoma



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See requirements prior to construction within Seiling town limits



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Seiling utilities

About Seiling

Crossroads of Northwest Oklahoma

Seiling is a town in Dewey County, OK with a population of 860 within city limits (based on a 2020 estimate by World Population    The Seiling zip code which includes surrounding properties and is served by the Seiling Public Schools has a population of 1,357.  Seiling is the largest town in Dewey County, OK.


The Seiling local economy is primarily driven by agriculture, oil, gas & nitrogen production, wind energy, transportation, health services, and public education.  It is a major corridor of highway traffic with highways 270, 60, 281, and 51 all coming through city limits leading to Seiling being called the "Crossroads of Northwest Oklahoma".  Highway 270 is the main highway as it is the main route from Oklahoma City  to Woodward and on to the Oklahoma Panhandle, Colorado and Southwest Kansas.


Seiling sports a local swimming pool, park, golf course, and library.  Seiling high school sports are the primary source of local entertainment with Woodward movie theaters, bowling alley, skating rink and more being a 20-minute drive away. Local hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, repair shops, hospital, veterinarian, and several local churches all contribute to keeping Seiling a lovely and convenient place to live or visit.


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