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Town Permits

Announcement:  We have passed a new Ordinance regarding Home Occupations or the accepted use of residential homes and property within the Town of Seiling limits.  To view new Home Occupation regulations ordnance, click here:  2017-2 Home Occupation.pdfTo view the new Home Occupation Permit Form, click the button below in the permit forms section.

For any construction within Seiling town limits, a land use permit is required to be filed with the town clerk prior to construction date. See below to access, print and complete the required residential or commercial form.  We also require a permit if you wish to drive a golf cart, ATV or UTV on the side roads within Seiling city limits.


For more information regarding land use permits within the Town of Seiling, please contact Seiling Town Hall at 580-922-3660.


For more information concerning commercial buildings, please use the following numbers for more information:




Fire Marshal 

State Health Department 






Laws are constantly changing and it is YOUR responsibility to call each Department to find out what specific laws apply to you and your building needs.

Click below to view and print permit forms:

Submit completed forms to the Seiling town office for review and approval.

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