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Town Council Meetings 

Town meetings occur on the 2nd Monday of each month unless that Monday falls on a holiday.  In the event it is a holiday, the meeting will occur on the following day (Tuesday) and be marked in the list below with an asterisk (*).


The Town Council will meet immediately following the Planning/Zoning meeting and the meetings will be held in the City Hall at 315 North Main St., Seiling, Oklahoma unless otherwise stated within the agenda.

Current Town Council

Mayor  .......................  Mickey Louthan 
Vice Mayor  ...............  Michael Nichols
Member  ...................  Brandon McCurley

Member  ...................  Stacie Umber
Member  ...................  Amy Biggs


Town meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of each month unless that Monday falls

on a holiday.  


* Indicates a Tuesday meeting date due to conflicting holiday on Monday

Special meetings can be scheduled with proper notice.  


Click on any of the following links to see the board agenda for that particular month and topic.

Questions regarding this agenda should be directed to the Town Clerk at 580-922-4460.


Dec 13 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Nov 29 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Nov 8 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Oct 21 - Special Mtg Agendas

Oct 12 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Sept 23 - Special Mtg Agendas

Sept 20 - Special Mtg Agendas

Aug 9 -     Monthly Mtg Agendas

July 9 -     Special Mtg Agendas

June 28 - Special Mtg Agendas

June 14 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

May 26 - Notice of Public Hearing 

May 10 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Apr 12 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Mar 8 -    Monthly Mtg Agendas

Feb 8 -     Monthly Mtg Agendas

Jan 11 -    Monthly Mtg Agendas


Dec 11 - Monthly Mtg Agendas

Nov 13 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Oct 10 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Sept 11 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Aug 14 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

July 10 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

June 12 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

May 8 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Apr 10 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Mar 13 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Feb 13 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas

Jan 9 -   Monthly Mtg Agendas


Dec 16 -   Special SMHA Mtg Agenda

Dec 12 -           Monthly Mtg Agendas

Nov 14 -           Monthly Mtg Agendas

Oct 21-                Special Mtg Agenda

Oct 11-            Monthly Mtg Agendas

Sept 12 -         Monthly Mtg Agendas

Aug 11-  Special SPWA Mtg Agendas

Aug 8 -            Monthly Mtg Agendas

July 11-           Monthly Mtg Agendas

June 13-          Monthly Mtg Agendas

May 9-             Monthly Mtg Agendas

Apr 11-            Monthly Mtg Agendas

Apr 7-    Special SMHA Mtg Agendas

Apr 4-    Special SMHA Mtg Agendas

Mar 14-           Monthly Mtg Agendas

Feb 14-           Monthly Mtg Agendas

Jan 24 -   Special SNFA Mtg Agendas

Jan 10 -           Monthly Mtg Agendas


Planning / Zoning Commission meetings for the Town of Seiling take place at 6:15 p.m., prior to Town of Seiling Regular Board Meetings, which take place immediately following the Planning/Zoning meeting. Regular meetings for Seiling Public Works Authority will take place directly after Town of Seiling Regular Board meetings. Seiling Municipal Hospital Authority meetings will take place directly after Public Works Authority meetings.


Please Note: The official agenda is posted at Town Hall in accordance with state law. Agendas posted on this website are for general information only. In the event of a conflict between any agenda on this website and the posted agenda, the posted agenda shall prevail.


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